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Carpentry Skills for Certificate III, 2e: Unique to the new edition

The new edition of Carpentry Skills for Certificate III by Bonnici, Ford and Hick is out now in eBook, with print available 3rd November. Numerous characteristics of the new resource set it apart from the rest, especially given that all the core units are covered in the one publication along with the major electives.

McGraw Hill ‘Direct Instruction’ Programs Selected as Part of New Government Funding Roll-Out for Remote Schools

McGraw Hill Australia is proud to announce that its Direct Instruction Programs will be implemented in a number of remote schools as part of a new government funding initiative, in association with our partner Good to Great Schools Australia. Spearheaded by Indigenous leader Noel Pearson, DI programs will be featured as part of a $126 million bid to boost outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students.

Research paper: Why Inquiry-based Approaches Harm Students’ Learning

Why Inquiry-based Approaches Harm Students’ Learning is the title of a paper published this month by University of NSW Emeritus Professor John Sweller.