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ELLevate English

The future of English Language Learning is here, available in a complete and customisable course.

Innovate your English Language Learning with ELLevate English

ELLevate English is an innovative six level English Language Learning (ELL) course delivered through a proven digital platform. Backed by McGraw-Hill's learning science prowess, ELLevate English boasts high-quality global content that provides exceptional levels of customisation and flexibility allowing printed or digital content to suit your teaching and your students' learning. ELLevate English's modular coursework maximises student potential through the development of critical thinking and communication skills.

Multiple device access allows your students to learns outside of the classroom.

Course Structure:

  • Levels of instruction aligned to CEFR Levels A1-B2 for grades 7-12
  • Modular content built around Essential Questions for critical thinking
  • 12 instructional units per level
  • Every module ends with a ‘Use What You Know’ review unit and project

Key Features:

  • Powerful analytics at student and class level combined with leading LMS functionality
  • Auto-grading capability
  • Teachers can analyse data to help increase efficiencies in teaching and learning, and to target instruction where students need it the most
  • Saves time and maximises efficiency
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