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Spelling Mastery

A research-proven program that uses the Direct Instruction method to enable teachers to deliver highly interactive, structured lessons that help students learn dependable spelling skills. 

About the Program

Grade Levels: 1 - 6

Spelling Mastery approaches spelling through strategies, patterns and rules. The straightforward lessons in Spelling Mastery combine phonemic, morphemic, and whole-word instruction to make spelling easier to learn, leading the way to more effective writing.

Spelling Mastery interweaves these three approaches according to students' skill development and provides lessons to help you efficiently and effectively teach the spelling skills students need to become proficient readers and writers. Explicit instruction, careful selection of spelling words, and repeated and cumulative practice help students master each concept and reinforce and retain key information.

In just 15-20 minutes a day, Spelling Mastery helps educators to turn students into confident, strategic and successful spellers!

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Sample Lessons

Click on a Grade level below to view a sample lesson from the Teacher Presentation Book and Student Workbook.

Placement Test

Placement tests help determine which level of Spelling Mastery is appropriate for a student.  To assist in placing your students at the correct level, please follow the link below.

Research Base

  • Research on Teaching Children to Spell
    This article shows the extensive research base of Spelling Mastery. Spelling Mastery is distinct from many other approaches to teaching spelling. It has demonstrated substantial effects on the spelling development of children.

Other Scientific Research and Articles

Each level of Spelling Mastery has been mapped to the National Curriculum for Australia. Click the links below to download the Mapping Documents:

Level A Mapping Document

Level B Mapping Document

Level C Mapping Document

Level D Mapping Document

Level E Mapping Document

Level F Mapping Document