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SRA Reading Laboratory®

With an easy-to-use kit of self-guided and leveled readers,
SRA Reading Laboratory is a carefully-structured system that helps learners develop independent reading skills, fluency and confidence.

About the program

Grade Levels: K - 12

The original reading comprehension box - new and updated for 2019.

As one of the earliest personalised reading programs, SRA Reading Laboratory® has improved the reading and independent learning skills of more than 100 million students, becoming one of the most trusted names in reading.

Key Features

  • Develop comprehension, vocabulary, fluency, word analysis, and study skills.
  • Reinforce specific skills to help students become proficient readers.
  • Builds reading for pleasure into teaching and learning, using a wide array of quality fiction and non-fiction selections.
  • Develops independent readers with strong comprehension skills and increaesed confidence.
  • Develops the sense of personal accountability as students take charge of their own learning.

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What's New? 

  • 25% of reading selections are completely new
  • All reading selections have been reviewed and updated for current factual information and aligned with today's academic integrity standards
  • Refreshed and updated design and look-and-feel
  • All print components eliminates the need for dependency on devices or Wi-Fi
  • Level 2 now streamlined into 2 kits instead of 3

Note: Levels 1 and 2 are available now in a new edition 

Level 3A and 3B are still available to order in the current edition.

Research Base of SRA Reading Laboratory
Reading Laboratory is a leveled reading program which provides individualized reading instruction to a whole class of students. This bibliography lists the research documentation that supports the vocabulary, phonics, fluency, and comprehension skills and strategies taught in Reading Laboratory.