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Deserved Luxury
By McGraw Hill
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Brand value… The jewel in the crown?

It is safe to assume that most of us have shopped online. And probably more than once. In fact, during 2020 many consumers preferred the convenience of click and collect or, better yet, FREE express delivery!

Therefore, we all have opinions around what makes a great online shopping experience. Recently a colleague (an EXPERT eShopper) gushed about the ‘next level’ service and attention to detail received after purchasing jewellery online from Deserved Luxury.

This piqued our interest. Amongst all the alternatives, what was it about this website and its service that stood out from the crowd? How does one’s product and branding strategies create value, specifically brand value?

Well, according to our new third edition of Marketing by Grewal, ‘value is about creating an experience, not just selling a product or service, and the customer service associated with it.’ The text informs readers how organisations can create, deliver and capture value for customers, and how value can be used as a tool to build lasting customer relationships. This was something Deserved Luxury was clearly nailing so we asked owner, Sarah Hardie, how creating value was vital to the brand’s success.

Sarah started her online jewellery business only 8 months ago, in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. The idea behind Deserved Luxury is female empowerment, a place where women could give to each other… that gift of generosity.

Sarah knows her customers well, who are at the heart of her business:

What makes Deserved Luxury stand out is how the products are presented, with the option for you to include a personal message, which I hand write. 

Whenever you buy a little luxury from me you know it is going to be delivered in beautiful packaging… making your day, or the day of someone you love.

It was evident that building on the core customer value of her product was the clincher, with the additional personal touches doubtless value adders.

If I was just to be exactly the same as a large shop in a mall, why would people come to me? So that's what I think about whenever I'm doing something… How does this actually add value?

From the personalised hand-written cards to the after-purchase care, Sarah empowers customers to feel confident when buying her products. She happily continues the conversation after the beautifully packaged items are delivered, making sure customers are satisfied with their new additions.   

With superior customer service and strategic branding, there is no doubt that Deserved Luxury will continue to establish a loyal following – a true reflection of the importance of value in completing the customer journey.

Visit Deserved Luxury, and learn more about the importance of brand value in Chapter 8 of Grewal Marketing 3e.

23 March 2021